Since 2010, I have been using my photography as a means to raise money for individuals, local charities and organizations. What started out as a small show has grown into an annual effort to fund worthy causes in and around North Carolina.

To date we have been able to provide nearly three thousand dollars of gifts through this “Angel Fund” to several individuals, non-profit groups, and worthy causes. But, more importantly, we have always seen our role as part of a longer chain of philanthropy. Our gifts have allowed others to then, in their own way, pay it forward. We feel very strongly about how acts of kindness and benevolence do not happen in a vacuum, rather they are like seeds on the wind spreading their beauty far and wide.

This year’s effort, though, is more singularly focused – 100% of all sales of images at our annual show this past March and from this website will benefit Zachary Gillespie as he ventures on a medical shadowing trip to South Africa. Please go to Zach’s link and read about him and his trip. You will be able to see how helping Zach will allow him to “pay it forward” and touch the lives of so many in need as well.

Also, please take a moment to view the gallery. Signed prints begin at $45 and can be purchased in a variety of sizes, framed and unframed, up to and including 20×30.

The Annual Show, held this year on March 9, 2013 at the Halle Cultural Arts Center in Apex, NC was a great success. We were able to reach about 2/3 of our total goal for Zach’s trip. We still have until the end of April to CLOSE THAT GAP!!! Take a moment and view the Shop page to make a purchase or use the link below to make a donation. Every dollar of your purchase or pledge will go directly to Zach to fund his journey.

To those who have already made their contributions, we all say, “Thank you!”

You can help by making a donation: